Included with the Limo stroller when you buy it, the raincover of the limo has been especially designed to adapt to the different configurations of the stroller.
You can choose to use it either as a single or a double thanks to a zipper system that holds part of the cover and allows it to be easily enlarged to protect one or both seats at the same time.

The Vidiamo raincover also protects against wind and cold. The Vidiamo raincover has many holes on the sides to allow air to circulate and avoid fogging up in very cold weather.

The raincover of the limo protects both the baby sitting in the back and the bigger one sitting in front. The hoop system makes it possible to pass over the folding seat and create a large arch so that it can stand on its own above your child who will be sitting on the folding seat.

To attach it, elastics on the sides must be put around the tubes to hold the raincover in place. Two large velcro straps are made to put the rear part around the telescopic bar of the stroller.

A zip in the middle allows you to enlarge or shrink the rain cover as you wish.
The raincover can also be used as a double when you go out shopping and place the tote bag on the foldaway seat in front. Your shopping will then also be protected from the weather.

Once you no longer need it, you can easily store it in the basket beneath the stroller.