Limo Stroller

Finally a stroller designed and developed by a mom for all parents around the world.
The Limo is an innovative and patented stroller, unique in the world, with a telescopic frame and a practical foldaway seat hidden under the main seat that allows the stroller to go from single to double in one click, without having to add any accessories or extra seat.
From birth for the main seat that reclines fully flat or with its compatible carrycot or car seat adapters, and from 12 months for the foldaway seat. The Limo is the ideal stroller for growing families.
The Limo is the first stroller in the world that is a single, double, a bed, a changing table or even extra storage.

  • A black Vidiamo limo stroller frame
  • A softgoods color pack
  • A single/double modular rain cover
  • A user's guide
  • Two-year warranty
  • Single: 37,4 inces W x 19,3 inches W x 42,5 inches H
  • Double 44 inches W x 19,3 inches W x 42,5 inches H
  • Dimensions when folded: 37,7 inches L x 19,3 inches W x 14,5 inches H
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • An ultra-easy one-click fold that allows you to leave your stroller upright without holding it. It will fit in the smallest spaces, car trunks and tiny elevators.
  • Suspension on all 4 wheels (all wheels can be easily removed to save space or to change them)
  • Steerable front wheels with a swivel lock
  • 4 reclining positions on the main seat, one of which is fully reclined
  • A window on the hood allows you to see your child at any time.
  • A clever raincover that can be upgraded from single to double according to your needs.
  • Easily removable and fully washable textiles
  • The foldaway seat not only allows you to put another child in front, but also to put the tote bag or to be used folded as an extra bed.
  • The basket under the stroller also expands when the stroller is extended for XXL storage.
  • A soft and lightweight bassinet/carrycot to put your baby in a cocoon from birth.
  • Car seat adapters compatible with most brands 
  • A shopping bag that is easily placed on the folding seat and can hold up to 40lbs.
  • A cupholder that attaches on all sides of the stroller, from front to back.
  • A revolutionary scooter holder that allows you to hang your child's scooter when he no longer wants it (compatible with most 3-wheel scooters but also scooters or small bikes).
  • A parasol to protect you from the sun