1. Where can we find the Limo?

To buy the Limo:

  • By clicking here, you will be able to buy the Limo directly on our site.
  • However, by clicking here, you will find the list of our distributor shops in France and all over the world where the Limo is on sale.

To see and/or test the Limo :

  • See the list of our reseller shops above.
  • If you don't have a retailer near you, you can contact one of our ambassadors by email who will be happy to give you a full demonstration and allow you to test the stroller and its accessories.
  1. Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes, payment in 3 or 4 times is available on our site with Alma or PayPal.

  1. Do you deliver to Europe?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in Europe.

  1. What are the deadlines and conditions for returns?

You can return your package to us up to 15 days after purchase and you will receive your refund via your original payment method. Your item must be new and in the original packaging.

  1. How long is the warranty on the stroller?

The stroller is guaranteed for 2 years, all parts included.

  1. If I have a problem with a stroller under warranty, who do I contact?

If you bought your stroller in a Vidiamo store or on a Vidiamo reseller site, you have three options:

  • Contact the store or retailer site where you placed your order
  • Contact us directly at info@vidiamo.com or call us at
  • Contact us in private message on Instagram at @vidiamostrollers

If you bought your stroller at www.vidiamo.com :

  • Contact us directly at info@vidiamo.com or call us at
  • Contact us in private message on Instagram at @vidiamostrollers


  1. What should I do if part of my stroller breaks after the warranty period?

Beyond the 2-year warranty, we can repair your stroller by giving you a repair estimate beforehand. However, some spare parts are on sale on our site and can be easily replaced.


  1. Is the Limo accepted as carry-on baggage?

No, the Limo format is not accepted as carry-on baggage.


  1. What's the weight of the Limo?

The Limo weighs 10.5 kg.


  1. Does the rain cover also cover the child sitting in the jump seat?

Yes, the rain cover is adjustable single and double thanks to a zip. The rain cover is held in place by hoops above the seat when the stroller is in the double position.


  1. Does the folding seat ensure the child's comfort and can it recline in different ways?

Yes, the folding seat provides the same comfort as the main seat and has the same amount of foam as the main seat. To enable it to fold under the main seat, the fabric is very taut, giving it a stiff feel.

The degree of inclination of the folding seat has been studied for several months with children of different ages in order to find the ideal sitting position for them. For safety reasons, the seat does not yet allow different inclinations.


  1. From and up to what age can a child use the folding seat?

The folding seat can be used from 12 months to 5/6 years. The fact that there is no soft top means that a child, even a grown-up, can sit in it. In addition, the stroller is approved for use up to 36kg. The weight can therefore be distributed over the stroller according to your needs and wishes.


  1. Can a newborn baby be installed in the main seat?

Yes, the Limo is approved from birth up to 36kg. The Limo can accommodate a newborn baby both on the main seat in the reclining position with the harness in the low position, in the car seat thanks to the adapters and in the bassinet. All three options are compatible with the open folding seat.


  1. Are the Limo's wheels all-terrain?

Yes, the Limo adapts to all types of terrain thanks to its compact but wide wheels which ensure a good grip on all types of terrain (countryside, forest, beach, snow, mountains, cobblestones). Its suspension on all 4 wheels and the directional or fixed front wheels allow it to thread its way anywhere.


If you have any questions regarding the marketing of the Limo stroller in a store or retailer site, please contact us at bénédicte.perrot@vidiamo.com.