Limo cupholder

The black Vidiamo cupholder for the Limo by Vidiamo stroller is the easy and indispensable accessory to have on every outing.
It can be easily attached to either side of the handlebars of your Limo stroller. It can be put on the sides for the main seat, or even on the tubes at the front for the folding seat.
It attaches to the stroller frame at various points.
You'll have the drinks for you and your children at hand.
Dimension: 4,3 inches * 3,9 inches * 3,5 inches
Expandable sides for different sized bottles
You can have several on the stroller, a drink for mom, the bottle for baby and the sippy cup drink for the older child sitting in the foldaway seat. Water bottles or baby bottles will easily find their place there.
The Limo's cupholder is handy for putting a bottle or a drink down, you no longer have cluttered hands and you can drive your stroller without fear of spilling your drink. 
You can clip it anywhere on the stroller, either at the front for the jump seat, or at the back for the main seat or just for you.