The Limo Concept, the first Limousine Stroller


10 strollers in 1

Finally a stroller designed and developed by a mom for parents all over the world.  
The limo is an innovative new patented stroller, unique in the world, with a telescopic frame and a cleverly hidden folding seat under the main seat that allows the stroller to go from single to double in one click, without having to add any accessories or extra seat. 
Open the frame and take out the jump seat! The limo then becomes a double stroller anywhere and especially anytime, according to your desires. The Limo by Vidiamo can be used as a single stroller, a double stroller, extra storage space or simply as an extra bed! From birth in the main seat or with the bassinet or a car seat... a total of 10 configurations allow everyone to have their ideal stroller, all in one. 

1. Single, from birth up to 80 lbs 

The Limo stroller is above all a simple stroller with 4 reclining positions, one of which is fully reclined, even for a newborn baby. A window on the hood allows you to see your child at all times. The limo folds and unfolds in one click, and fits into the smallest of spaces. 
  • Dimensions open Single: 37,5" L x 19,3" W x 43,3" H
  • Dimensions open Double: 44" L x 19,3" W x 43,3" H
  • Dimensions when folded: 37,8" L x 19,3" W x 14,5" H
  • Weight 25 lbs
5 colors available: Kaki Green, Petrol Blue, Carbon Grey, Raspberry Red and Black. 


2. Double with foldaway seat

    With one click, open the frame to take out the foldaway seat from under the main seat. The limo can then be switched from a single to a double stroller anywhere, anytime. This is the ideal stroller for families with children close in age.
    The foldaway seat then offers a real second seat, approved for a child from 12 months up to 40lbs in addition to the main seat which also goes up to 40lbs. That's 80lbs in total.  
    Your biggest can sit comfortably in the front, and safely thanks to its 5-point harness. 

    3. Single with the tote bag

      Thanks to the limo, you can finally do your shopping with your child with ease. In addition to the XXL basket underneath the stroller, you can also put the tote bag onto the foldaway seat and enjoy 40lbs of extra load. Carried over the shoulder, this practical tote bag will follow you everywhere.  

      4. Single in limo mode

      Open the frame to increase legroom. In a second your child is in a 40 inch long space that allows him to sleep as well as in his own bed.
      A real limousine.  

      5. Carrycot with removable hood  

        A chic and cozy carrycot with its removable hood will allow you to take baby everywhere without disturbing him. Thanks to its quick and easy attachment system, this carrycot will be the ideal little bed for baby's first months.  

        6. Carrycot and foldaway seat

        The ideal stroller for a newborn baby and its big brother or sister sitting in front. No need for an extra stroller, a board attached to the back or a heavy and bulky double stroller.
        Leave your newborn baby in its bassinet and extend the stroller to take out the front seat. At last, a quick and easy solution to carry your children close together without getting in the way. From single to double in one click, the limo does it all!

        7. Carrycot and tote bag  

        Take advantage of the folding seat to go shopping with your newborn baby. You will finally be able to put everything you want in this ultra practical shopping bag that will allow you to carry up to 40 lbs (or more) at the front of the stroller, without forgetting the space of the basket underneath.
        Easy and so convenient!

        8. The limo with a car seat 

        Our car seat adapters with 2 positions allow you to position different car seats directly on the structure. The stroller folds with the adapters.
        Travel light. 

        9. The limo with a car seat and foldaway seat  

        Who could ever believe a stroller could do all that! When your child doesn't want to walk anymore, just pull out the seat and that's it! The limo also allows you to enjoy a second seat even with a baby in the car seat.  
        Double magic!

        10. Folded and unfolded in one click 

        At the touch of a button, the limo folds in a second and stands up anywhere. It'll fit anywhere, even in the trunk of a smart car. Pull it like a shopping cart, or push it like a wheeled suitcase, the limo will follow you everywhere! 
        Many accessories complete the limo... an ultra convenient tote bag, a parasol to protect your kids from the sun, or to create sunshade for the child in the jump seat... a cup holder that clips wherever you want on the side for the parents or the front for the kids... and a unique and revolutionary scooter holder that will finally let you know where to put it when your child doesn't want it anymore!