Limo Parasol

Protecting your child from the sun and UV rays is always a priority. As there is no hood on the seat, we have created an umbrella that can be attached to both the front and back of the Limo stroller to create more protection.

The Vidiamo black sunshade is the perfect accessory for sunny days, providing shade for children and UVP50+ sun protection.

Its handle is made up of two flexible parts that allow it to be tilted as desired and to bend in all directions, making it both aesthetically pleasing and practical to counter the effects of the sun.

The adapter for attaching it to the frame is included and thanks to the same size tubes, it can be attached to the stroller in several places.
It serves as protection for the child sitting in the main seat as well as for the child sitting in the folding seat or even for both at the same time if you place the umbrella in the middle.

Its attachment system, like all Vidiamo accessories, allows the umbrella to be placed at the rear for the main seat or at the front for the folding seat.

  • Dimension 16,5 inches * 2,7 inches * 2,1 inches
  • Available in black. 

The sunshade of the limo stroller is perfect to protect your children from the sun.
UV protection, adjustable up and down for more flexibility.
The sunshade can be clipped onto the front and rear tubes of the stroller, allowing you to protect either the main seat or the folding seat, or both at the same time. An ideal solution for creating a canopy for the folding seat.